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Mikaela Starr
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University of Indianapolis

NCAA D2Swimming & DivingFall 2019
Studying in the USA will help me maximised my academic and sporting achievements. I am very motivated and never allow failure to get the best of me. I have learned to deal with any struggles and worked through them which has made me stronger.
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Swimming & Diving
5 feet 4 inches
September 13 2000
Fall 2019
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Top 5 scores and average score:

1m: 275.25, 271.15, 257.85, 251.5, 246.55
3m: 265.05, 257.6, 256.6, 234.8, 224.75

1m average: 233.33
3m average: 213.85

Please list your 6 dives from 1m:

103B, 401B, 105C/B, 203C/B, 403C/B, 5231D
(I have 8 dives and also do 201B and 301B)

Please list your 6 dives from 3m:

103B, 403B, 105B, 405C, 205C, 5231D
(I have 8 dives and also do 201B and 301B)

1m: 2017 Victorian Age Qualifier (271.15 points, 2nd place)
2017 Ripntear Peter & Patricia Morgan Memorial Meet
(221.8 points, 3rd place)
2015 Victorian Age Qualifier (246.55 points, 2nd place)

3m: 2017 Victorian Age Qualifier (265.05 points, 1st place)
2015 Victorian Age Qualifer (224.75 points, 3rd place)
2015 Victorian All Schools Championships (141.45 points, 2nd

Any press or media links, interesting articles on your current success…..

Academic info
December 14 2018
Senior in high school at The Knox School (Victoria)
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Pictures #45 #46

I began diving quite a bit older than most divers, at the age of 13, and I have improved to the same level of divers my age in a shorter period of time. I am a highly motivated diver and am the kind of person that will face any challenges that are thrown my way both in the pool and at school. Despite having to manage numerous injuries, I have pushed through very time and maintained my motivations. I have held many leadership positions in the past and believe this has enabled me to gain a strength in being a leader to others. I will do anything I possibly can to maximize my outcomes and will take any positive opportunity that is handed to me. I believe I am built for diving and my love and passion for the sport is indescribable.

I believe competing in college will allow me to broaden my competition experience as I will be able to compete against a wide variety of different people. I will be able to improve much more in my diving if I train in the US, as I cannot get this kind of training opportunity here in Australia.

I wish to study Sport Psychology whilst training for my diving. Training wise, my goal is to improve to a very high standard and hopefully make it to my highest possible achievement.

I wish to become an Olympic springboard diver, where I am able to inspire many younger athletes training towards the same kind of goals. I wish to prove that you do not need to start diving at such a young age, as I began diving at the age of 13 and have improved dramatically since then. I also want to become a Sports Psychologist, where I can guide and assist other aspiring athletes. I also wish to build my confidence and learn to believe in myself much more as I believe this is a major necessity to achieve my goals.

2017 Pierre de Coubertin award for my school
In school I have also received many awards/achievements including:
– Full and Honours Music Colours.
– I am a year 12 Prefect and Sports Captain, and the Chamber Strings Ensemble Leader.
– I was previously the Middle School Music Captain, Year 6 Sports Captain and 2017 Senior Choir Ensemble Leader.
– I have played the Cello since year 2 and play in the school Chamber Orchestra and Chamber String ensemble.
– In NAPLAN testing, I was consistently well above the average in all subjects