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College Soccer in Canada

German soccer player Lisa Popp wanted the opportunity to play soccer while studying at the same time. With the help of Athletes USA, Lisa got recruited by multiple universities both in the USA and in Canada. She finally decided that Keyano College, located in Fort McMurray, Canada was the best fit. In August 2019, Lisa started her journey to play college soccer in Canada.

Having the Best of Both Worlds 

Lisa talked about being part of one of Germany’s highest women’s soccer leagues. Still, she also mentioned that it was tough to combine both soccer and university the way they do in Canada and the U.S. With that being said, Lisa decided that her best shot at playing and studying at the same time was to leave Germany behind. She also wanted to go to a different country after graduating high school. Through playing college soccer in Canada she was able to do so. 

Welcome to Keyano College

“Keyano College is a really small college,” Lisa said at first when asked about her Canadian experience. She liked how small and personalized her classes were. On the other hand, Lisa enjoyed spending a tremendous amount with her team on and off the field. She even described her interaction with her team players as a second family, which is “really unique in college sports in general.”

Lisa Popp - College Soccer in Canada at Keyano College

Choosing College Soccer in Canada

Lisa decided on college soccer in Canada since she had a good first interaction with the head coach. She also mentioned that both, the assistant and head coach, were helpful with soccer issues, school, and personal related matters. Additionally, Lisa has always liked Canada, so she thought it would be an excellent opportunity to live there. Overall, Lisa described her experience in Canada as full of good memories and a long-lasting bond with classmates, teammates, coaches, and professors.

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