Ice hockey is not an easy sport but for athletes who have the coordination, strength and ability then an ice hockey scholarship is a great option. Universities and colleges award ice hockey scholarships to very talented ice hockey athletes, which enables the athlete to participate in collegiate, intercollegiate matches and national championships. If you are a male athlete you are able to gain ice hockey scholarships.

Ice hockey Scholarships – When is the best time?

The best time to go to the USA with an ice hockey scholarship is right after graduation from high school or up to two years after. Only athletes ages 18 – 24 can compete within the college leagues, any older and you will be looking at competing in the NAIA. Coaches are increasingly committing to younger athletes as this gives them the opportunity to work with the athletes for a longer period of time. It is also possible to go to the USA for one, two, three or four years, it depends on if you wish to seek a bachelor’s degree from your time there. We would recommend going to America as early as possible because this will give you the best chance of gaining a sports scholarship and turning professional after college.