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Miho Iwachika - Athletes USA Scout


Hello everyone, my name is Miho Iwachika.

Early stage of my life, I was one of the top junior swimmers in China, but because my parents are doctors, I have always had an interest in medical science since I was little.

So I went on to pursue a career in medicine and I got an opportunity to involve with the national teams of various sports in China for many years. I have seen the top level athletes in the top level environment of the country for many years, and I am confident to say that the sports environment of college in the United States is as good as that of professional sports and is one of the best in the world. I think it’s wonderful that you are able to improve your athletic ability in a great environment and get a college degree at the same time.

I have two children, both of whom played college sports in Japan. My oldest daughter played golf, and my son played baseball in junior high & high school and golf in college. If it were possible, I would have liked them both to study and play sports in the U.S., where its the home of sports, but I could not find a way to do so, even after searching through various sources. Fortunately, I was able to send my daughter to a golf academy in the U.S. around the time her graduation from college, and she had a valuable experience there. She also met some wonderful people there and learned about Athletes USA as well as sports scholarship programs in the U.S.

Since then, I have wanted to spread the word about this wonderful program to as many people as possible, so I have decided to offer my support. 

I will do my best to support parents who want their children to study sports in the U.S. and students who want to study in the U.S. to make their dreams come true.

I look forward to working with you. Thank you!




私には2人の子供がおり、二人とも日本の大学で学生スポーツをしてきました。長女はゴルフを、長男は中学‧高校で野球、大学ではゴルフをプレーしていました。出来ることならば、2人とも本場‧アメリカへのスポーツ留学をさせたかったのですが、様々な伝手をあたっても、その方法を探し出すことが出来ませんでした。その事に対してずっと悔いが残っていましたが、幸い娘が大学卒業する頃と同時にアメリカのゴルフアカデミーに留学する事ことができ、そこで貴重な体験をしました。更に、そこで素敵な方々と出会い、Athletes USAとスポーツ奨学金制度の事を知り得ました。その時からこの制度の素晴らしさをもっとたくさんの方に知って頂きたいと思い、この度皆様のサポートをさせて頂くこととなりました。






     这事使我一直留有遗憾,不过女儿大学毕业后,终于有机会到美国的高尔夫球学院留学,与此同时幸运的遇到了Athletes USA的工作人员,收获了体育奖学金制度的信息,使我女儿十分感慨与兴奋,并使她萌发了新的理想,愿意让更多与她一样抱有到美国运动留学理想的学生共享这个恩惠,愿为有远大理想的留学生运动员提供各种服务,并且帮助他们实现梦想。从作为父母的角度出发我也非常愿意竭尽全力地支持并帮助和我一样拥有想让自己的孩子去美国运动留学的家长和拥有想去美国运动留学理想的学生们实现梦想。

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Athletic as well as academic scholarships are much more common in the US than in most other countries. Athletic scholarships are awarded to athletes of outstanding performance in order to enable them to finance their studies in the US. The athlete participates fully in practice sessions with the college team and represents the university in various tournaments and competitions. The coaches’ job is to professionally look after the teams; in this sense, he has a similar position to that of a professor and is also paid accordingly.

For what reasons are scholarships awarded?

For generations, American universities have had college teams in all kinds of sports. These teams are professionally managed by specially employed coaches and serve as an advertisement for the respective university in numerous competitions. If a team has regional or even nationwide success, the media will cover its development. That is why college teams are a means to market the university in order to recruit new students. For this reason, the universities provide the coaches with a budget to recruit talented athletes from around the world and help them finance their studies or even their entire stay abroad.

Why an athletic scholarship to America 

The American College system produces some of the best sporting talent in the world. The facilities, coaching and support networks including sports science, nutrition, physiotherapy and fitness training are all world class. Universities travel the length and breadth of the United States to play each other; it is big business involving, massive corporate sponsorship, fanatical crowds, rich history, and national television coverage. Collegiate sports are as close to a professional environment as it’s possible to get. A normal schedule involves one to two training sessions or practices a day plus additional sports specific weights and fitness sessions within in a normal athletic scholarship. All this alongside a full university degree program.

Athletic Scholarships are funded sports programs that include Football (Soccer), Golf, Basketball, Tennis, Field Hockey, American Football, Baseball, Swimming & Diving, Track and Field, Fencing, Rowing (Crew), Skiing, Gymnastics and many more athletic scholarship programs.