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Note: Highlight and Full competition video is extremely important, especially for team sports (soccer, basketball, etc).
Please explain the grading system (for example “GPA 2.0 on a scale from 1.0= very good to 5.0 fail)
For example: “Abitur” is the name fo the high school diploma in Germany.
Format example: 2015/16 high school 9th grade at school name xy | 2016/17 high school 10th grade at school name xy | 2017/18 gap year with work & travel in country xy | 2018/19 enrolled in college | 2019/20 enrolled in college | 2020/21 enrolled in college | 2021/22 enrolled in college

Please rate the importance of each "college experience factor" (the more stars you give the higher the priority):

Selected Value: 5
0- Not sure at all! 10- I want to go 100%!
Note: This will be very important for us in order to negotiate with coaches and colleges to maximize your offer. Attending college in the USA costs (without scholarship!) 25,000-40,000 USD per year on average. This includes housing, meals, and fees. A scholarship will cover 1-100% of these costs.