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Athletes USA Scout Robert Winkler


My name is Robert Winkler and in my youth I played for a professional academy at Bundesliga and Regionalliga level and gained experience at amateur and professional level.
I would like to share my experiences with other athletes around the world to give them the first step on the way to new challenges, many opportunities and unique memories.
I have been playing soccer for almost 16 years, so I am very connected to this sport. It has taught me a lot, shaped me and in part made me the person I am today.
I currently play Division 1 soccer at Long Island University in New York, where I am pursuing my bachelor’s degree in biology (pre-med). Last year I won the NEC Championship with this team, advanced to the second round of the NCAA and was selected to the all rookie team of the NEC.
Soccer as such has opened doors for me in many ways, shaping me as well as providing experiences and memories that are unforgettable.
I would like to help future generations of enthusiastic athletes take the first step towards those experiences and opportunities.

”You’ll never know what you’re capable of until you take that first step and just go for it“


Player in highest youth level Germany U19 (Bundesliga)
Player in highest Amateur league level Germany (Regionalliga)
Player in second highest Amateur level Germany (Oberliga)
Regular Season Champion 2021 (LIU)
North East Conference Champion 2021 (LIU)
NCAA Tournament 2nd Round (LIU)

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Global Scout Robert Winkler playing for LIU
Global Scout Robert Winkler playing for LIU




Athletic as well as academic scholarships are much more common in the US than in most other countries. Athletic scholarships are awarded to athletes of outstanding performance in order to enable them to finance their studies in the US. The athlete participates fully in practice sessions with the college team and represents the university in various tournaments and competitions. The coaches’ job is to professionally look after the teams; in this sense, he has a similar position to that of a professor and is also paid accordingly.

For what reasons are scholarships awarded?

For generations, American universities have had college teams in all kinds of sports. These teams are professionally managed by specially employed coaches and serve as an advertisement for the respective university in numerous competitions. If a team has regional or even nationwide success, the media will cover its development. That is why college teams are a means to market the university in order to recruit new students. For this reason, the universities provide the coaches with a budget to recruit talented athletes from around the world and help them finance their studies or even their entire stay abroad.

Why an athletic scholarship to America 

The American College system produces some of the best sporting talent in the world. The facilities, coaching and support networks including sports science, nutrition, physiotherapy and fitness training are all world class. Universities travel the length and breadth of the United States to play each other; it is big business involving, massive corporate sponsorship, fanatical crowds, rich history, and national television coverage. Collegiate sports are as close to a professional environment as it’s possible to get. A normal schedule involves one to two training sessions or practices a day plus additional sports specific weights and fitness sessions within in a normal athletic scholarship. All this alongside a full university degree program.

Athletic Scholarships are funded sports programs that include Football (Soccer), Golf, Basketball, Tennis, Field Hockey, American Football, Baseball, Swimming & Diving, Track and Field, Fencing, Rowing (Crew), Skiing, Gymnastics and many more athletic scholarship programs.