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Day in the Life of an Athletes USA College Soccer Player

The Start of the Day

Our day begins early with training from seven to nine o’clock. One thing that’s definitely different is the mentality. Americans don’t seem to care about what time you train, an experience we haven’t had in Germany.

The Journey to the USA: A Bold Decision

About Randolf Roth

My name is Randolf Roth, or Randy as I’m called here. I’m in my second year at Regis University in Colorado. Originally, I’m from Dresden, Germany, and I played for Dynamo Dresden in the U19 Bundesliga, the highest league in Germany.

Deciding for a New Chapter

A decision was on the table: Should I take the risk? Should I try to become a pro? It’s incredibly tough, but then I decided that it’s time for a new chapter, a new experience. That’s how I ended up in the USA.

College Life: A New Kind of Challenge

The Soccer Season at a US College

Here, the season is different. It only lasts for three months, depending on how far you go, essentially from late August to early November. It’s intense. You have two games per week, you travel, and you have a lot to do for school.

Balancing Study and Soccer

The main focus is on these three months, which is basically the fall. Here, I focus on both studying and soccer, taking up about 50:50 of my time.

A Typical Day at the University and on the Field Breakfast and Classes

After training, I head to the cafeteria with other players who don’t have classes at 9:30 AM. That’s the earliest class you can have here.

International Community: A Sense of Family

The best part here is that there are so many international teammates and students. We have a Frenchman, an Icelander, a Greek, an Italian – we have many, and we all experience the same things. It feels like a family.

Afternoon Routine and Campus Life My Life Beyond the Soccer Field

After lunch, I have more classes, and then I hit the gym to lift weights. It’s a very full day, but I enjoy every minute of it. Then I have to tidy up a bit. Then there’s schoolwork, for sure. Or I call home, my friends, and family.

Campus Life: A World of Its Own

Then I grab something from the cafeteria, let’s say around 12 o’clock. I think on larger campuses, it takes much longer, but here, you have everything in one place, everything you want. Cafeteria, five minutes for each meal.

Ending a Long Day Time for Relaxation and Dinner

Usually, I shower now, then go for dinner. After that, I play some pool. That’s my evening. I hope you were able to get some insights into the life of a college student-athlete.

Day in the Life Athletes USA College Soccer

Conclusion: Insights into the Life of a Student Athlete

The life of a college soccer player is not always easy, but it is certainly rewarding. Through the optimal combination of sports and academics, valuable experiences can be gained and personal growth can be achieved.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is training like for a college soccer player in the USA?

Training is intense and starts early in the morning. It requires a lot of dedication and discipline.

What is academic life like for a student athlete?

Academic life is challenging but well-balanced. There’s a constant juggling between lectures, exams, and athletic commitments. With good time management, it’s manageable.

What is the social life like on campus?

The social life is diverse and international. There are many opportunities to meet new friends from all over the world and share common experiences.

Would Randolf recommend other young soccer players to come to the USA?

Yes, definitely. It’s a unique experience that allows you to play soccer while obtaining an academic degree. It’s a challenging but worthwhile adventure.