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Requirements for a Sports Scholarship in the USA

A sports scholarship in the USA can only be achieved under certain conditions. Generally, the age, the sporting level, the academic achievements, and the time of application are the most important sports scholarship requirements.

Sports Scholarship Requirements – Age

For a chance at a sports scholarship in the USA you should be between 16 and 25 years old or (if you are already enrolled in a university) MAXIMUM in the 5th or 6th semester. If you want to complete your whole study in the United States, you should ideally start University right after your high school graduation. Every year after graduation you will lose a part of your valuable game eligibility and therefore decrease the claim of a scholarship in the USA. 

Athletic Performance

The most important indicator for a good scholarship is your athletic performance! Here you will be examined for your previous sporting achievements as well as your sporting talent (video, letters of recommendation, official results, etc.).

Academic Performance

Another important factor is your academic performance! The subject-specific or general high school graduation are required as university entrance qualification. In addition to your final grade of graduation, the TOEFL test and, in case you are not already studying, the SAT/ACT test play an important role in your academic evaluation. 

Time of Application

In addition to athletic and academic performance, the timing of your application plays a key role. Bottom line – the sooner you start preparing and uploading your athletes profile, the better your chances to receive a sports scholarship in the USA. Coaches start planning for the new season quite early. With an early application by the athlete, coaches can submit offers sooner and thus also higher ones as more scholarship money is still available. In case you are waiting too long, there is a risk that the coach has already invested a large part of his scholarship budget in other athletes, therefore they can only offer you less. Generally, the process of application takes 8 to 18 months, depending on your personal cooperation.

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Sports Scholarship Requirements USA